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1)  League Rules apply unless specified to the contrary by the rules herein.

2)  Games will be played at Terramar Park Court 3 with a 27.5" Youth-sized basketball and an 9’ rim height.

Games will consist of four 8-minute running clock quarters.  Each quarter will use a running clock except for the last two minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime (no overtime during the regular season).The clock will only stop for timeouts, shooting fouls until the Player receives the ball to shoot her first free throw, injuries or at a referee’s discretion. 

4)  Score will be kept, but no scorer's book will be used (no tracking of points, fouls etc.).  This is a training division with emphasis on skills and learning.

5)  There will be no overtime periods during the regular season.

6)  All Players must play Man-to-Man defense.  Zone defenses are prohibited.  All players must line up at half court before the start of each quarter with their coach to determine defensive assignments.  During the game, the defender must be within 6 feet of the person they are guarding.  If the offensive player is more than 6 feet outside the 3-point arc, the defender does not have to guard outside the 3-point arc.  Defensive players may switch when a screen is set.

7)  Defense outside the 3-point arc is prohibited at all times.  Defensive players cannot pressure the offensive player once she has gained possession of the ball outside of the offensive 3-point arc.  If the offensive team loses control of the ball outside the arc, the defensive team cannot try to take possession of the ball until it crosses inside the arc.

8) Double teaming is prohibited UNLESS the offensive player in control of the ball is in the lane.  Stealing the ball while a player is holding the ball is also prohibited.

9)  On any violation of Rule 6, 7 or 8 above, the referee will stop the game and award the ball to the offensive team out of bounds.  A team's 3rd warning (and each subsequent warning) will result in a two shot technical foul with the offensive team keeping possession of the ball.

10)  Coaches are encouraged to form offensive strategies that incorporate involvement for all players. The “spread” or “4-corner” offense with the intention of player “isolation”, whether for purposes of helping an offensive player to score or to keep an offensive player away from the basket in order to minimize the number of defensive players near the basket, is illegal.  On a violation of Rule 10, the referee will stop the game and award the ball to the offensive team out of bounds.  A team's 3rd warning (and each successive warning) will result in a two shot technical foul with the offensive team losing possession of the ball. A “spread offense” is different from the offensive team “spreading the floor”. Spreading the offensive floor followed by team movement towards the basket is sound basketball strategy and is not a spread offense in terms of “isolation”. Thus, setting up an offense in a spread position in order to begin the offensive play is not illegal.

11) Because defense outside the 3-point arc is prohibited at all times, running time off the clock to gain an advantage by keeping the ball outside the 3-point line is also prohibited.  Accordingly, the offensive team, while in the front court, must make an effort to advance the ball across the 3-point arc.  Failure to do so within 10 seconds or continuously moving the ball back outside the 3-point arc for the purpose of delay shall be a violation of Rule 11.  On a violation of Rule 11, the referee will stop the game and award the ball to the defensive team out of bounds.

12)  Free throws will be taken from a line inside the regular foul line.  At half-time of regular season games only, each player on both teams will shoot two free throws to insure everyone has the opportunity to shoot at the basket.  The team that makes more free throws will be awarded two points.  If a team has less players than its opponent, that team will choose the player(s) who have missed the most amount of free throws during the half-time event to shoot additional free throws until that team has shot the same amount of free throws as its opponent.  No player may shoot more than 4 free throws during the half-time event.

13)  On all inbound plays in the front court, the ball will be inbounded from the sideline above the free throw line.

14) All players must play at least 1 full quarter at the guard position. This entails either inbounding or dribbling/passing the ball over mid-court in all back-court situations.  It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure this is properly coded in the scorebook.

15)  Final decisions of rule interpretations will be made by the referee. REMEMBER: WE ARE HERE FOR THE KIDS!!!!!