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BOYS 2nd Grade RULE EXCEPTIONS.  Club rules apply with the exception of the rules stated herein.

13.1  BASKETBALL SIZE.  28.5”

13.2  GOAL HEIGHT.  9'

13.3  DEFENSE - MAN-TO-MAN ONLY AND INSIDE THE 3-POINT ARC.  Defense will be man-to-man ONLY and the defensive players MUST BE WITHIN 3 feet of the offensive player they are covering. Defense outside the 3-point arc is prohibited at all times.  Defensive players cannot pressure the offensive player once he/she has gained possession of the ball outside the offensive 3-point arc.  If the offensive team loses control of the ball outside the arc, the defensive team cannot try to take possession of the ball until it crosses inside the arc. Defensive players may switch on picks, however, only 1 player can guard the offensive player at a time. The only exception is in the paint - there are no double teaming rules in the paint. If a team is called for double teaming, the opposing team will shoot 2 free-throws on the 3rd time double teaming is called and every time thereafter; any offensive player on the court may take the free-throws.

13.4  BACKCOURT DEFENSE.  Backcourt defense is prohibited.  Defensive players cannot pressure the offensive players once they have gained possession of the ball in the backcourt.  The ball must cross into the frontcourt before a defensive player can pressure the ball.  If the offensive team loses control of the ball in the backcourt, the defensive team cannot take possession of the ball until it crosses the halfcourt line.

13.5  FREE-THROWS.  Free-throws shall be taken as close to the free-throw line as possible. Earlier in the season, free-throws can be taken from one step inside the free throw line. As the season continues, free- throws will be taken from behind the free-throw line. The shooter may jump over the free-throw line during the follow through of the free-throw attempt.

13.6  OFFENSIVE PLAY - NO ISOLATION.  Coaches are encouraged to form offensive strategies that incorporate involvement for all players. The “spread” or “4-corner” offense with the intention of player “isolation”, whether for purposes of helping an offensive player to score or keeping an offensive player away from the basket in order to minimize the number of defensive players near the basket, is illegal.  On a violation of Rule 9.5, the referee will stop the game and award the ball to the defensive team.  A “spread offense” is different from the offensive team “spreading the floor”. Spreading the offensive floor followed by team movement towards the basket is sound basketball strategy and is not a spread offense in terms of “isolation”. Thus, setting up an offense in a spread position in order to begin the offensive play is not illegal.

13.7  OFFENSIVE PLAY - NO DELAY.  Because defense outside the 3-point arc is prohibited at all times, running time off the clock to gain an advantage by keeping the ball outside the 3-point line is also prohibited.  Accordingly, the offensive team, while in the front court, must make an effort to advance the ball across the 3-point arc.  Failure to do so within 10 seconds or continuously moving the ball back outside the 3-point arc for the purpose of delay shall be a violation, resulting in a stoppage of play and the ball being awarded to the defensive team.