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1)  Club Rules apply unless specified to the contrary by the following rules. 

2)  Back court defense is prohibited.  Defensive players cannot pressure the offensive player once they have gained possession of the ball in the backcourt.  The ball must cross into the front court before the defensive player can pressure the ball.  If the offensive team loses control of the ball in the backcourt, the defensive team cannot try to take possession of the ball until it crosses the half court line.
     a)  EXCEPTION:  In the last two minutes of each half, backcourt guarding is permitted.
3)  On any violation of Rule #2 above (back court guarding), the referee will stop the game and award the ball to the offensive team out of bounds.  A team's 3rd warning (and each successive warning) will result in a two shot technical foul with the offensive team keeping possession of the ball.