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Championship Games

are suspended until further notice








9 Championship Games


Scholarship Award Presentations honoring

Luke Hoyer, Alex Schachter & Joaquin Oliver



Complimentary Char-hut

for all League Players & Coaches





 Girls 1-3        Suns vs Heat          

 Girls 4-6        Pelicans vs Heat

 Girls 7-10      Lakers vs Knicks

 Boys 1-2        Heat vs Lakers  

 Boys 3           Celtics vs Heat

 Boys 4-5        Heat vs Pelicans 

 Boys 6-7        Nets vs Heat      

 Boys 8-9        Blazers vs Heat 

 Boys 10-12    Bucks vs Nets    


2020 Scholarship Awards for Seniors

Each year the Parkland Basketball Club awards three $2,000 scholarship awards to high school seniors in honor of Parkland's fallen stars, Joaquin Oliver, Luke Hoyer and Alex Schachter.  The Club recognizes the recipients of these awards for their contributions to the community and their excellence in leadership, sportsmanship and academics.

League Rules

Click on "League Rules" above.

Ball Sizes & Rim Heights:

DIVISION          BALL          RIM

GIRLS 1-3           27.5           8' 6"

GIRLS 4-6           27.5           9'6"

GIRLS 7-12         28.5           10'

BOYS 1-2            27.5           8'6"

BOYS 3               28.5           9'

BOYS 4-5            28.5           9'6"

BOYS 6-7            29.5           10'

BOYS 8-9            29.5           10'

BOYS 10-12         29.5           10'


The Parkland Basketball Club remembers and honors the lives of our friends and teachers that were tragically lost on February 14th.  Inspired by them, we pledge to play on stronger than ever, united as friends, family and community.  We will never forget them.      




Hoops For Hope

Please help the less fortunate communities in South Africa and donate your child’s Parkland Basketball uniform or other basketball apparel to the Ubuntu Ambassador Program, Hoops for Hope.  We will have donation boxes set up by the outside courts at Pine Trails Park on Championship Sunday.   





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Call 954-757-4110 for information on Court status.  Updated daily by the City of Parkland. 

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