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Evaluation Day - Sunday Dec 6th


Scheduled Times

Pine Trails


Boys 2-3


2nd Graders

Court 4



3rd Graders


Boys 4-5


4th Graders

Court 1



5th Graders


Boys K-1


K-1st Graders

Court 4


Boys 6-7


6th Graders

Court 4



7th Graders


Boys 10-12


12th Graders

Court 1



10th & 11th Graders


Girls 4-6


4th-6th Graders

Court 1


Boys 8-9


8th Graders

Court 4



9th Graders


Girls 1-3


1st-3rd Graders

Court 1


Girls 7-12


7th-12th Graders

Court 1



Evaluation Day Protocol

The following protocol will be in effect for Evaluation Day.  Note that these protocols are not applicable to the 2021 Season.  Once the 2021 Season nears, we will publish our COVID policies and guidelines.

·    If you are sick, experiencing COVID-related symptoms, or have come into direct or close contact with someone who has recently tested positive for COVID, please stay home.

·     Please limit attendance to no more than one Parent/Guardian per Player.

·         All in attendance, including Players, shall be masked.

·   Only Players, Head Coaches, Division Directors and Authorized Personnel will be permitted on the Courts.

·         Social Distancing (at least 6 feet) shall be maintained at all times.

·      Players will stay seated in place until it is their turn in the evaluation process.

·      Each Player should bring a basketball for their own use only.  Ball sizes are posted on the homepage of the Parkland Basketball website.

·      Each Player will be asked to perform a series of individual basketball drills.  There will not be any team or group activity.  Each Player’s evaluation will last approximately 1 minute.  Once a Player has completed their turn in the evaluation process, they will leave the Court.

2021 Season Information

Registration Period:  Closed November 29th

Registration Fee:  $175

Eligible Participants:  Boys Grades K-12 & Girls Grades 1-12

Non-Residents:  Individual residing outside of the city of Parkland must purchase a Non-Resident Sports Membership prior to registration.  Issuance of the Sports Membership will permit all Non-Resident family members to participate in all City of Parkland sports programs.  The Sports Membership is $125 per family and is valid for 1 year from the registration date.  Applications can be accessed at: https://www.cityofparkland.org/documentcenter/view/16769

Player Evaluations:  Sunday, December 6th (all players must attend)

Team Selections:  By December 13th

Practice Schedule:  January 9-22 (2 per week; Sunday afternoon + 1 Weeknight)

Regular Season Schedule:  January 24 – March 15 (2 per week; typically Sunday afternoon + 1 Weeknight; 1 practice per week on Saturday)

Playoff Schedule:  March 29 – April 11 (double elimination)

Location of Games & Practices:  Pine Trails Park (Terramar Park may be used as a backup)

Uniforms:  uniforms provided to each player

Volunteers Needed to Coach

Check the box to volunteer as a Coach during the registration process and complete a background check online by November 29th.  Background Check applications can be accessed at:



2020 Scholarship Awards for Seniors

Each year the Parkland Basketball Club awards three $2,000 scholarship awards to high school seniors in honor of Parkland's fallen stars, Joaquin Oliver, Luke Hoyer and Alex Schachter.  The Club recognizes the recipients of these awards for their contributions to the community and their excellence in leadership, sportsmanship and academics.  This year's recipients are:

Tyler Hersch - Recipient of the Joaquin Oliver Leadership Award for demonstrating strength and leadership impacting his team, the Club and the Parkland community.

Eddie DeGregorio - Recipient of the Luke Hoyer Sportsmanship Award for exemplifying the ideals of sportsmanship on the court with ethical behavior, fair play and integrity.

Vaibhav Joshi - Recipient of the Alex Schachter Community Assist Award for his community engagement, philanthropic activity and charity work.


League Rules

Click on "League Rules" above.

Ball Sizes & Rim Heights:

DIVISION          BALL          RIM

GIRLS 1-3           27.5          8'6"

GIRLS 4-6           27.5          9'6"

GIRLS 7-12         28.5          10'

BOYS K-1            27.5          8'

BOYS 2-3            28.5          9'

BOYS 4-5            28.5          9'6"

BOYS 6-7            29.5          10'

BOYS 8-9            29.5          10'

BOYS 10-12         29.5          10'


The Parkland Basketball Club remembers and honors the lives of our friends and teachers that were tragically lost on February 14th.  Inspired by them, we pledge to play on stronger than ever, united as friends, family and community.  We will never forget them.      


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Call 954-757-4110 for information on Court status.  Updated daily by the City of Parkland. 

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